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Goodyear Petrolium Transfer Hoses

We Carry Goodyear's ExtremeFlex hose. An extremely flexible and lightweight hose for use in tank truck and drilling operation to transfer diesel, ethanol, gasoline, oil and petroleum-based products. ExtremeFlex hoses use Corrugated construction for lower drag coefficient and superior abrasion resistance.

KanaFlex hose

Applications: Heavy duty liquid suction hose for use in construction dewatering, liquid wastes, septic hauling septic tank cleaning, agricultural applications, and marine use.

Construction: EPDM rubber, polyethylene helix, smooth bore, corrugated O.D.

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Amflex Hose

We are proud of our Custom Manufactured Amflex Proclipse Hose. It is resistant to grease and a veriety of aggressive chemicals. The hose is crush resistant and will usually come back to its original shape when crushed or bent, It also has a usable temperature range of -40 degrees to 180 degrees Farenhight 

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Kuriyama Hose

We supply Kuriyama's Tigerflex WOR hose primarily but have access to a lage line up of Kuriyama products. The Tigerflex WOR hose has many uses in the oil industry that include;

  • Environmental clean-up
  • Oil skimming
  • Oil slurries
  • Oil suction
  • Vapor recovery - hydrocarbon emissions

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